About Us

Intimacy With God is a family discipling ministry. Our main objective is turning the heart of America back to the heart of God, one family at a time.

Giving to IWG means you are sharing in the burden for deeper discipling and equipping of families across America.

Relationships are formed in person, through social media, and via online courses. Begin now enjoying their ministry through blogs & vlogs, Sunday Thought Conditioners on FB (@SnyderSingers), scripture art (BRCreations), concerts, small group curriculum, original songs, coaching and consulting. Check the website regularly for updates, new releases, and calendar events near you. Schedule the Snyders for your group or conference: [email protected]

Doug & Beth Snyder


Doug and Beth have been ministering together for over 30 years. They have five kids, three married, and two grandchildren. The Snyder family has spent the last 20 years building IWG regionally, and recently have begun rapidly expanding their reach. Their experienced results help families build an intimate relationship with God while strengthening family togetherness.

Our Staff

Sam Snyder

Vice President

Sam brought a host of creative ideas and vivacity to the ministry. His abilities and love for music production helps IWG live and social outreach show up strong. Sam has several originals on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. With new material continually being written, be sure to check your preferred music service often for the latest original.

Jackson & Rachel Traeger

Media Coordinators

Jackson and Rachel have been with us since 2017. They bring joyful smiles and passionate hearts to the ministry, and, the people they meet. Both graduates from UNI, they now help in the areas of finance, media, and marketing. Jackson has a remarkable memory for music lyrics and a love for sports, especially the Philadelphia Eagles. Rachel’s quick analytics and out of the box creativity prove invaluable in product development and marketing. We are grateful they share their many talents with us.


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