Use Your Authority

authority believe head jesus Oct 30, 2019

by Doug Snyder


The Canadian policeman, parked roadside, waved me over to the curb. I obeyed because I believe in the authority behind his badge. While physically, he’s no match for a speeding car, his authority is. 

Believers should act more like that policeman. 

How so? 

By applying our Authority daily. When catching the Devil at work in your family, health, finances, or attacking your faith, dividing your church, your friendships, or simply hovering in your circumstances - use your authority to stop his encroachment. Arrest the attack.

The Source of your Authority. 

The defeated Devil1 must obey God’s Authority. God gave all authority to His son, Jesus2. Consequently, all who befriend Jesus become children of God3, joint heirs with Christ4, representing this same authority5

Jesus affirms, “l have been given all authority in heaven and earth. Therefore, go…”6

Learn to apply Authority.

Jesus gives disciples authority...

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Living and Eternal Music

eternity life music Oct 16, 2019

By Doug Snyder

…the morning stars sang together… Job 38:7

Last night I attended a magnificent concert. Listening to the beautiful music the band played, I closed my eyes and had an iMax size thought. I imagined all Creation as one great orchestra - a conglomerate of people, plants, animals, seas, trees, planets and stars - all making celestial music, conducted by the Creator Himself. 

Last night’s band concert was not the first I have imagined such an ingathering of musicians. Sometimes, in the middle of nothing particular, a melody springs forth in my heart. At the same time, in my mind’s eye, I see into another realm, like I’ve just been given a glimpse inside heaven. 

In past visions each human musician’s instrument was like no other. It was made of, or formed out of, the actual events of their existence - activities of work and play, intimate and unfamiliar relationships, words whispered and woven, gracious attitudes and...

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The Drop Zone

drop grace love zone Sep 25, 2019
By Doug Snyder
No one was suppose to know. Two lovers, alone together. But it had been a set up, an adulterous trap. The plot planners, religious leaders, aimed to squeeze Jesus into legal error. Then this religious reformer could be defamed and eliminated.
The funny thing about sin is…we’re all infected. Everyone! No one’s immune. 
Pointing fingers, identifying other’s flaws and missteps, only illuminates our ignorance, and misunderstanding of God, at least in that moment. Rather, we ought to encourage one another, in love and grace, toward the fitness and infinitude of Truth, who is Jesus.
Angry, crowding, they pressed round Jesus, and the shamefaced woman. Each one holding a rock of justice. Their heart and hand, intent on executing this wayward sinner by stoning…according to the law.
Justice, however, stooped down and wrote in the sand. Impatiently they demanded an answer. So Jesus stood...
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The Secret to Battle Ground Victory

battle defeated jesus victory Sep 18, 2019
By Doug Snyder
“Satan is defeated,” I said.
They said, “Satan is active and powerful. The battle is real. Look at all the terrible things in the world.” And we had a lively discussion for the next 30 minutes. 
Holy Spirit brought to mind two stories I read years ago. Japanese soldiers, one in the Philippines, one in Guam*, were discovered living in seclusion nearly 30 years AFTER WWII. 
Coaxed out of hiding, they struggled to assimilate into current Japanese culture. Life was vastly different than when they left decades earlier.
The illustrative gem in these stories is the mind of the soldiers. Their thinking had not been updated. They were living in the past, hence, unnecessarily hiding in seclusion. 
When you trust Jesus, you are - in the blink of an eye - made completely new internally, and, rescued or transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light (2 Cir...
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A "Dog-on" Good Day!

dogs Sep 11, 2019
By Doug Snyder
This past weekend we dog sat for our daughter and son-in-law. They headed north to celebrate. We stayed put to watch their new “child.”
It went much better than I anticipated. No messes to clean up. No rowdy romps through the house. No middle of the night moans. In fact, our relationship was quite splendid. Morning and evening walks. Naps on her travel bed. Affection and rub downs aplenty. 
Mia had one position while inside the house. Paws on the arm of the couch, eyes trained on anything brown and furry in the back yard. She stayed in that position for hours. When a squirrel or rabbit came into view, Mia remained motionless, while her body trembled with excitement, eyes intensifying into a holy burn. 
Her example reminded me of something important. Mia’s eagerness and disciplined watching demonstrated how I should look to Jesus everyday with wholehearted anticipation and self-controlled...
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Exploring God

explore presents wife Jun 19, 2019

By Doug Snyder

Week one…shoes. Week two…card. Week three…flowers. Week four…book. Week five…wall decor. Week six…coffee date.

Each week, for fifty-two weeks, something unexpected popped up in our home or on our schedule, especially targeted for my bride’s pleasure. 2011 marked a milestone, our 25th Anniversary.

Can you imagine how 2011 would have been different if Beth had received all 52 gifts but failed to open and explore them? What if she never took the time to wear the shoes, read the card, appreciate the flowers, explore the book, hang the wall decor, or meet at the coffee shop? 

Is this how our Heavenly Father feels when we receive salvation, but fail to open and explore His gifts, understand and apply His promises, or engage Holy Spirit in deepening relationship? 

Yes, there is more to salvation than just being saved. If we believe and confess for salvation, shouldn’t we also believe and confess His Word over...

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2019 evangelism salvation Jun 12, 2019

By Doug Snyder

Looking out the window as I write, it was a very similar day 45 years ago.

Late summer 1973. Warm and sunny, mid-afternoon. I was standing at the corner of Clark & J Street, near the tank, facing the Courthouse. I was 9 and had recently given my life to Jesus. 

Our church was participating in Key ’73, a national outreach campaign initiated by the United Methodist Church of America. Churches across America voluntarily participated in outreach and evangelism, in their own way, for the entire year. Midweek spaghetti dinners, guest speakers, guest musicians, week long crusades were among the long list of planned activities.

One Sunday evening, I surrendered my life to Christ. It was simple, childlike really. Earlier that week I had defied parental authority by refusing to gather and bring the garbage out. The tension resulted in a rift in the relationship with my parents. 

Enter God’s grace. The Holy Spirit’s gentle nudge, through the...

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Beer, Pop, and Holy Spirit

alchohol full holy spirit Jun 05, 2019

By Doug Snyder

This morning I walked the alternative gravel road route, instead of our normal town tour. Bathing in the bright blue-sky morning, I noticed a curious roadside dance. Dozens of beer cans and one milk bottle nestled in the grass along the road were glittering in the sunshine and crisp fall wind. 

What’s so unique about that? Nothing. However, when I turned around, I noticed 95% of the containers on the other side of the road, heading into town, were pop cans and one tea bottle. That’s odd.

So, giving it some thought, I wondered, “Is pop the morning beverage of choice heading to work, and, beer the evening choice heading home from work…and on Friday / Saturday nights?” 

Who hasn’t poured a cup of coffee as a pick me up in the morning or mid afternoon. It’s not unusual to have a glass of wine for supper or while relaxing. Right?

Before you jump ahead, thinking I’m going to rail against alcohol, I’m not. Why...

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The Fruit of Power

humility power May 29, 2019

By Doug Snyder

What’s the most powerful force on earth? 

Seniors might immediately think of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The use of nuclear weaponry in WWII killed between 129,000-226,000 Japanese, mostly civilians. What a sad, terrible tragedy. Certainly a dreadful power.

The learned might suggest water as the most powerful force. Rocks and shores are smoothed, even washed away by water. Recent hurricanes demonstrate the destructive force of nature, that which water and wind can wreak.

The mindful may recall the words of Jesus, offering “living water.” (Jn 4:10) “Living water” was in reference to Holy Spirit, who He would give to those who believe, after being glorified, i.e. crucified and risen (Jn 7:37-39). From this “well” (i.e. indwelling Holy Spirit) streams or rivers of living water would flow out of the believer.

Is there any greater force than this? 

Jesus’ life was driven by love, first for his Father God, and then, for...

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Understanding "the Turn"

children trust turn May 22, 2019

By Doug Snyder

As a first-time grandpa, the most endearing memory is that of my granddaughter exploring the world around her, turning, whirling in wide-eyed wonder. No concern. No worry. No anxiety. No fear. Just exploring. Trusting. Learning.

Grandpa and grandma are quick to the rescue when a foreseen action warrants. Sometimes we rescue and rescue and…rescue. 

Frankly, that’s a lot like God with me. The older I grow, the more I see God like a gentle grandfather, lovingly enjoying his grandchildren.

Is God more an angry Father or loving Grandfather to you?

I used to think of God as an angry father. Repent meant “turn from your enjoyable season of sin to the stale existence of Christian self-denial.” Repent meant an intense finger-wagging scolding, like an old-time evangelist in fever pitched convulsion, or, the angry furrow-browed adult, warning wrong-doers.

Yes, I do believe sin separates us from God. I believe in evil, a devil, and hell. Yet, I...

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