Beer, Pop, and Holy Spirit

alchohol full holy spirit Jun 05, 2019

By Doug Snyder

This morning I walked the alternative gravel road route, instead of our normal town tour. Bathing in the bright blue-sky morning, I noticed a curious roadside dance. Dozens of beer cans and one milk bottle nestled in the grass along the road were glittering in the sunshine and crisp fall wind. 

What’s so unique about that? Nothing. However, when I turned around, I noticed 95% of the containers on the other side of the road, heading into town, were pop cans and one tea bottle. That’s odd.

So, giving it some thought, I wondered, “Is pop the morning beverage of choice heading to work, and, beer the evening choice heading home from work…and on Friday / Saturday nights?” 

Who hasn’t poured a cup of coffee as a pick me up in the morning or mid afternoon. It’s not unusual to have a glass of wine for supper or while relaxing. Right?

Before you jump ahead, thinking I’m going to rail against alcohol, I’m not. Why would I? Jesus turned water into wine as his first public miracle. 

True, there are people who cannot drink, as recovering alcoholics. Others stay clear of alcohol as a sign of piety, pretension, or prudence. Think about it. Jesus turned water to wine. 

What I am saying is the Bible directly addresses this centuries old human behavior. Humanly speaking, we look for things to give us a lift or to relax us. It is natural. But, God suggests, if we want to find something that does not pass through you, literally, but remains in you, literally, and stays and satisfies and seeks your best life now, it is Holy Spirit. 

“Don't be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit” Ephesians 5:18 

Why Holy Spirit? It’s really very simple. We search because we’re not satisfied. Only Holy Spirit fills the black hole inside us. Everything else, and I mean everything, leaves us longing.

How do I imbibe in Holy Spirit unto “drunkenness?" Ever witnessed an enthusiastic football fan? They are fully devoted. They concentrate on their team. They know their players. They think victory. They expect victory. They paint themselves. They cheer unabashedly. They promote. They give witness. Get the picture? They’re all in.

Get all into Holy Spirit. Read up. Relate continually. Think. Speak. Expect. Promote. Witness. 

You’ll be filled and finally satisfied.


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