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explore presents wife Jun 19, 2019

By Doug Snyder

Week one…shoes. Week two…card. Week three…flowers. Week four…book. Week five…wall decor. Week six…coffee date.

Each week, for fifty-two weeks, something unexpected popped up in our home or on our schedule, especially targeted for my bride’s pleasure. 2011 marked a milestone, our 25th Anniversary.

Can you imagine how 2011 would have been different if Beth had received all 52 gifts but failed to open and explore them? What if she never took the time to wear the shoes, read the card, appreciate the flowers, explore the book, hang the wall decor, or meet at the coffee shop? 

Is this how our Heavenly Father feels when we receive salvation, but fail to open and explore His gifts, understand and apply His promises, or engage Holy Spirit in deepening relationship? 

Yes, there is more to salvation than just being saved. If we believe and confess for salvation, shouldn’t we also believe and confess His Word over our circumstances, over our culture and country?

God has given us the authority, and commissioned us to exercise dominion over all creation. (Gen 1:26; Ps 8:6; Matt 28:18-19; Heb 2:5-8) Why then do we so often choose to live under our circumstances instead of rising above? 

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” (1 John 3:1) Loved children are heirs of their Father’s inheritance. 

Why did I lavish gifts on my bride? Because I love her. 

God deeply loves you and has already provided for ALL your needs (Phil 4:19). He cheers you on to enlarge your territory, not just personal holdings, but spiritual authority over the Kingdom of Darkness. Moreover, He awakens your heart to see what cultural mountain the enemy is attacking - be it families/children, arts & entertainment, media, government, education, religion, or business - then spurs and prods you to seize that area, exercising dominion over it, in Jesus’ name. 

You are deeply loved, amply supplied, and empowered with gifts to move whatever mountain needs to be moved. Act in faith. Believe God’s promises in your heart, become familiar with them. Confess aloud relevant scripture over your circumstances. Apply the promises with your mouth. Go take back the mountain…

SOS is the cry of humanity. You have been commissioned to serve, in Jesus’ name.

Open, Explore, and Go…


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