The Drop Zone

drop grace love zone Sep 25, 2019
By Doug Snyder
No one was suppose to know. Two lovers, alone together. But it had been a set up, an adulterous trap. The plot planners, religious leaders, aimed to squeeze Jesus into legal error. Then this religious reformer could be defamed and eliminated.
The funny thing about sin is…we’re all infected. Everyone! No one’s immune. 
Pointing fingers, identifying other’s flaws and missteps, only illuminates our ignorance, and misunderstanding of God, at least in that moment. Rather, we ought to encourage one another, in love and grace, toward the fitness and infinitude of Truth, who is Jesus.
Angry, crowding, they pressed round Jesus, and the shamefaced woman. Each one holding a rock of justice. Their heart and hand, intent on executing this wayward sinner by stoning…according to the law.
Justice, however, stooped down and wrote in the sand. Impatiently they demanded an answer. So Jesus stood up saying, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”
In the presence of Truth, fabricated fallacies soften like butter in a hot pan on a gas burner. 
Physically drawing near Jesus, they met love and grace. The very fulfillment of the law, their “religion.” In his presence, his zone, their priggish pride wilted, and rocks dropped.
God loves people. And, He abhors sin. He solved sins penalty problem by placing his own son on the cross. Perfection bore our sin burden. Absolution comes through Jesus alone, grace accepted, embraced. (Eph 2:8)
Is your hand heavy and hot with a rock. It only becomes heavier and hotter the longer you hold onto anger, addiction, judgement or self-admiration. 
Enter the drop zone. Draw near God. 
Every false thing you’ve ever gathered or attached yourself to on your journey will drop in the presence of Love and Grace.


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