The Secret to Battle Ground Victory

battle defeated jesus victory Sep 18, 2019
By Doug Snyder
“Satan is defeated,” I said.
They said, “Satan is active and powerful. The battle is real. Look at all the terrible things in the world.” And we had a lively discussion for the next 30 minutes. 
Holy Spirit brought to mind two stories I read years ago. Japanese soldiers, one in the Philippines, one in Guam*, were discovered living in seclusion nearly 30 years AFTER WWII. 
Coaxed out of hiding, they struggled to assimilate into current Japanese culture. Life was vastly different than when they left decades earlier.
The illustrative gem in these stories is the mind of the soldiers. Their thinking had not been updated. They were living in the past, hence, unnecessarily hiding in seclusion. 
When you trust Jesus, you are - in the blink of an eye - made completely new internally, and, rescued or transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of Light (2 Cir...
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