family healing Jan 29, 2020

By Doug Snyder

My favorite wall in the house is the one with our family photographs. In the middle of a collage of pictures of our children, and spouses of 3, is a large black metal wall hanging, “FAMILY.” 

The most memorable times of the year are when we get together. Often, I look back and reminisce. And, I look forward with anticipation. How about you? 

Having shared this, I realize not everyone enjoys or enjoyed a great family or home life. Many of my friends today relay very painful upbringings, including every sort of abuse imaginable. My heart is heavy for them. And, I am so amazed by the progress most have made in healing and rebuilding positive images and understandings of family. They want to. They need to.

Family is God’s design. He is a Father, and, “our Father…” Family is the foundational unit of every community and nation. And this is exactly why families - marriages, kids, and definitions - have been under attack. God...

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