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F.I.T. Training

What parent doesn’t desire to instill peace and confidence in their child?  Then again, who lives a life of abiding peace and unshakable confidence? 

Problem: You cannot pass on what you do not possess. 

Solution: Learn the secrets. 

Parenting with peace and confidence is possible! 

FIT Training reveals

1) the source of peace 

2) 3 daily exercises that build confidence. And, the

3) 5 step process to authenticity and impact

Who is FIT Training for?

Any single parent or couple desiring to establish safe and stable homes, while avoid common parenting mistakes. Whether experienced or newbie, parent wannabe or grandparent - FIT Training is for YOU!


"FIT Training helped me to understand the transition in my life. It helped my to understand the mentality of the foundation I want for my family and how to focus on relationships with my kids and prepare for those moments. I also left knowing I need to praise more to raise my focus… to find the purpose God has for me. I will leave here feeding my spirit to become more with Christ. "

Attendee from Waterloo, IA

What Other Events Do We Do?

Intimacy with God Ministries focuses on bringing the hearts of families before the Father. We do this is through times of worship and speaking. 

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Beth Snyder

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