Doug Snyder

Founder of F.I.T. Training

Change is one of the only things in life that stays the same. You can, however, have abiding peace, unshakable faith, and a navigation system to guide your family through all of life's transitions. Become F.I.T. Trained! 

How Can We Help You?

Doug Snyder's F.I.T. Training presentations are interactive and packed with practical applications. Discover how to parent from peace with confidence. Learn the secrets of maintaining peace, unshakeable faith, and the personal navigation system to lead your family through all transitions with limited upset. Whether your transition is employment, a move, growing kids, changing schools, financial gains or set backs. Relationships to tasks - whatever your transition, you will learn the simple steps to stay clear thinking on a daily basis. 


Speaking is a gift and passion of Dougs. Out of a hundred semi-finalists, Doug was selected as a top 10 finisher in the Advance your Reach 2019 Speak-Off in Denver, CO.


Doug & Beth, married in 1986, have five children, three married, and five grandchild. They learned profound lessons from their world travels and have synthesized 1000s of conversations/observations into practical applications for parents. Helping skip trial and error parenting, they now help implement timeless truths that work.


Doug & Beth have been ministering together for nearly 4 decades. They have brought God's love to 9 different countries. Doug received a Masters in divinity in 1991, and Beth holds a BSRN. Both have been in key leadership roles in several church plants and established churches.

"We were so grateful to have the Snyder Family lead worship at the Franklin County Fair. Their presence and gift of music facilitated a time of worship where people from many churches could gather as-the-one body of Christ. Their message is Christ centered, and they have a strong passion for strengthening families. Their worship leadership was exceptional, and I would highly recommend them. Rating Impact: 5 (of 5) "

Pastor Dan
Franklin County Fair

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