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Adam 1 - The setting - God blessed them and said… “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue (or govern) it.” Genesis 1:28... Check out this weeks blog on authority! 




Pastor Kent

Lutheran Church

"We were very encouraged by your presence and message. Your focus on the importance of drawing close to God is something that we always need to be reminded of.  I especially liked your emphasis on transparency, which is hard for all of us since it makes us vulnerable to each other.  Yet transparency is certainly one of the keys to having healthy and meaningful relationships with each other, as well as with God."



"Doug and Beth Snyder's performance at our Gold Club Social was outstanding! They have been blessed with beautiful voices and the ability to use their talent to reach and teach."

Dr. Chuck

Retired Seminary President

"I have had the privilege of knowing Doug and Beth Snyder for more than a decade. Their music and drama was a blessing in the chapel and regional banquets. Their traveling ministry helped touch many churches and friends of the seminary with a message of hope and encouragement. Doug and Beth and their family demonstrate a sincere desire to walk close to our Heavenly Father."


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