The Sin of Offense

mind offense thoughts Apr 22, 2020

By Doug Snyder

“…And they took offense at him.” Mark 6:3

Acting in a national TV show, without being given scripts, Beth and I simply talked about a family dream, traveling and ministering around the US. We talked as if it were actually happening. The motorhome in the background was the luxury item being advertised on the show. 

For months after airing we received emails, calls, and inquiries. They all wanted to know how we liked our new motorhome, and, how was traveling as a family? We explained, it was just a commercial. We were actors. Most believed us. One neighbor, however, insisted he saw “the motorhome” parked in our driveway. 

“The mind cannot tell the difference between something real or vividly imagined.” D. Waitley. 

The mind is powerful. Choose your thoughts well.

Three of us use to gather monthly to share ideas on improving our daily impact. Our aptly named hangout, The Hungry Mind restaurant, had pictures and paintings “can you see the hidden X in the landscape” hanging all over. One picture in particular was tough. I never did see the dolphins in the water. Patrons around me were like, “Oh, there they are. Now I see them.” I never did.

Can you see Jesus in the landscape around you? Better, if he stood before you, teaching and healing, would you believe him? The people in Mark 6 did not. To them, he was offensive. To them, he was a home boy, the son of Mary and Joseph, a simple carpenter.

What’s between you and Jesus? It’s simple, really. Life’s about Jesus. Not you. Not me. When pride slithers in, and it will, choose Jesus. Don’t "take offense.” Rather, choose LOVE. Taking offense builds a fence between you and “X". 

Embrace Jesus, the most loving and at peace people do.


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