How is your garden growing?

growth identity maturity May 06, 2020

By Doug Snyder

Our beats, spinach, carrots, and lettuce are flourishing. So are most of our herbs. But, for the 3rd year in a row, it has not gone well with the potted tomato plants. They start healthy and robust, but never mature.

This was also true for the very first gardeners. But it wasn’t the garden that failed to mature. It was the gardeners themselves. The Serpent slithered into the perfect Garden, deceiving Adam and Eve into disobedience, and usurping God’s role as Father. 

In accepting the lie, Adam and Eve were blinded. They lost connection with Abba Father. And hence, lost their intended identity and purpose. Like our potted tomatoes, starting strong, their maturity process was cut short.

Disobedience, from loss of identity and purpose, is why we see such a messy world. It’s especially evident among families, parents, and kids. They fail to mature.

By rejecting the Devil and returning to Abba Father, families, can reclaim identity and purpose,...

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