A "Dog-on" Good Day!

dogs Sep 11, 2019
By Doug Snyder
This past weekend we dog sat for our daughter and son-in-law. They headed north to celebrate. We stayed put to watch their new “child.”
It went much better than I anticipated. No messes to clean up. No rowdy romps through the house. No middle of the night moans. In fact, our relationship was quite splendid. Morning and evening walks. Naps on her travel bed. Affection and rub downs aplenty. 
Mia had one position while inside the house. Paws on the arm of the couch, eyes trained on anything brown and furry in the back yard. She stayed in that position for hours. When a squirrel or rabbit came into view, Mia remained motionless, while her body trembled with excitement, eyes intensifying into a holy burn. 
Her example reminded me of something important. Mia’s eagerness and disciplined watching demonstrated how I should look to Jesus everyday with wholehearted anticipation and self-controlled...
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